Small Groups or Book Clubs

If your small group or book club of ten or more chooses to read Becoming a Woman of Worth, I would be happy to join your group via webinar for a chat about the book.

As you use Becoming a Woman of Worth for small group discussions, make sure each person has their own copy of the book.  They should feel free to write in their book key insights and divine promptings.  Also, I’ve suggested allotted times to facilitate one hour small group discussions for each chapter.

5 Minutes: Pray for understanding and revelation. Kick off each small group discussion with prayer. Ask God to enlighten you with divine understanding and clarity about the personal message He has for you. Ask Him to shower you with wisdom, discernment, and conviction as you read specific verses and internalize them for yourself. I suggest one person lead the opening prayer for the group.

5 Minutes: Read a chapter from the book. Depending on the size of your group, consider inviting everyone to participate by going around in a circle and asking each person to read a paragraph in the chapter.  The chapters are relatively short, so this will only take a few minutes.

10 -15 Minutes: Study the scripture verses quoted or referenced in the chapter you’re reading.  Here are my proposed tips for studying the scriptures:

  1. Study with a Dictionary.  Make sure your small group has a dictionary on hand to look up the key words in the verses in each chapter.  This will help the group more accurately interpret the scriptures. Don’t forget to read the synonyms, which are words or expressions that have the same or nearly the same meaning as the word looked up.
  2. Use a study Bible.  Make sure your small group has a study Bible as you study the scriptures referenced or quoted in each chapter. A study Bible includes notes and references to help readers understand the context of the scriptures and their meaning. The notes and references are not necessarily divinely inspired, although I find them extremely helpful. In fact, I like to use two study Bibles when interpreting the scriptures, each in a different translation.
  3. Use two or  three different translations of the Bible. Use different translations when studying select verses in each chapter in an effort to see how different translators have interpreted the original language. You may find that one translation speaks to you differently than another.  Also, reading multiple translations may give you greater insight into how a verse applies to you specifically.  Popular versions include New International Version (NIV), New King James Version (NKJV), and New American Standard Bible (NASB).

25 – 30 Minutes: Facilitate a small group discussion.  Many of the chapters include thought-provoking questions, the answers to which can easily be topics for a small group discussion. Feel free to use those questions right out of the book, as they are presented, and invite everyone to answer each question. Here are a few additional suggestions to facilitate an inspiring discussion.

  1. Be accountable.  Encourage the members in your small group to provide a safe place for reasoning things out and discussing key insights and personal revelations. Ideally, each member should be accountable for respecting confidentiality, passing no judgment, and staying on topic  in the small group discussion. I suggest printing up a tent sign to put on the table or floor to remind the group – what’s spoken here, stays here.
  2. Be inclusive.  Ask members to limit their sharing to 3-5 minutes so everyone has a chance to share.  People should be discouraged from dominating the discussion or interrupting other members.  Each member should contribute with their thoughts, experiences, and feelings.
  3. Ask questions. In the few cases where thought-provoking questions or action steps are not provided, ask the small group these questions:
      • How did you feel while reading this chapter?
      • What feelings, thoughts, and emotions came up for you personally?
      • In what way did the referenced or quoted scripture speak to you personally?
      • What action steps are you prepared to take as a result of reading this chapter?

10 Minutes: Close in prayer. If everyone in the group is comfortable doing so, I suggest standing in a circle, holding hands, and inviting each person to lift up their own personal prayer before the group.  Each prayer can be about something in the chapter, or something unrelated to the small group discussion. The closing prayer can go on for as long as needed.