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New Books Take Flight, Raising Funds for National Butterfly Center

Kristen Clark writes books designed to educate and inspire.  Additionally, her books help butterflies directly.

“We’re donating a portion of all profits to the National Butterfly Center. Their great work involves butterfly conservation and scientific research, as well as educating children and adults from coast to coast. In terms of assistance, it appears funding butterfly research is sadly low on most people’s list of priorities. Therefore, we see this as a vital fundraising vehicle,” says Clark.

Since it’s release, this book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews and continues to lend support to this organization, located in Mission, Texas, near the Rio Grande River.

This book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Kristen 2 - Copy - CopyAbout the Author:  Kristen Clark is a first-string speaker, author, and confidence coach.  She’s also an award-winning photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of Creation and celebrating a real Metamorphosis. She created AllThingsButterflies.com, designed to foster the education and interest of butterflies, as well as HisSideoftheLookingGlass.com, designed to help women develop confidence for increased personal success.

She is also the publisher of the Women of Worth book series, designed to celebrate the many ways God does for us what we cannot do for ourselves – all in the spirit of his divine love for us.

In her spare time, she embraces her love of poetry and literature, and enjoys life with her husband, Lawrence. She lives in Houston, TX.

Contact: kristen@kristenclark.org