5 Star Book Has “Touch of Velvet in an Iron Glove”

With social networking sites and selfies taking their  toll on self-esteem, ‘Becoming a Woman of Worth: Creating a More Confident You’ inspires women of all ages to change their minds about themselves through a  Christian approach to developing confidence for greater personal success.  Encompassing straight forward, no nonsense, scripture-based tips and  suggestions, this book helps each woman build self-esteem by learning to see  herself as God sees her.

Cypress, TX — (SBWIRE) — 05/09/2014 — How we feel about ourselves plays a critical role in our  overall success and negative feelings can cause us to sell ourselves short and  impede our ability to reach our highest potential.  In an effort to help women  achieve higher levels of personal success, author Kristen Clark wrote this  exciting new book as a result of her own personal experience and readers  everywhere are in agreement.

As the author explains, this book is just  what women need in today’s world.
“Ninety percent of all women want to  change at least one aspect of their physical appearance.   Only four percent of  all women think they are beautiful.  Most women struggle to accept compliments,  speak up for themselves, or put their needs first.  But when we allow ourselves  to grow spiritually and connect with God, our confidence naturally increases.   This is the result and lasting effect of knowing God and in knowing Him we  overcome feelings of inferiority, insignificance, and worthlessness.”  Clark  goes on to say, “Without God, my best intentions become the target of fear. I  rationalize and justify behavior that contradicts my efforts and I start to  question my ability.  And I’m not alone in this.”

Since its release  earlier this year, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave  reviews.

Bil Howard for Readers’ Favorite said, “Using God’s Word as the  foundation for each part of her work, Kristen allows Christian women to see that  it’s okay, even encouraged by the scriptures to be self-confident and that all  of us can find our worth in how God views us and build upon that. Though I am a  man, my experience as a residential treatment counselor for adolescent women  drew me to this book. Becoming a Woman of Worth was and is exactly what many of  the young ladies that I have worked with needed to have in their hands and in  their hearts.”

Barbara Arent wrote, “I wish Becoming a Woman of Worth had  been available when I was facing divorce after 18 years of marriage. I have  since come to realize I was in textbook depression with a non-existent  self-worth. While reading the book, I often nodded my head in agreement with the  author.”

“In a world where unrealistic role models try to persuade us to  be something impossible to attain, Ms. Clark rights the ship and puts us on a  path we can maintain in the real world. I was inspired by this book,” says  Priscilla Wiseman

‘Becoming a Woman of Worth: Creating a More Confident  You’ is available now: http://tinyurl.com/mnnbrm2.

It can also be purchased  from Barnes & Noble and CreateSpace.

For more information, visit the  book’s official website: https://becomingawomanofworth.com

About the Author:  Kristen Clark Kristen Clark is an author, speaker, and confidence coach with  a passion for celebrating a real transformation. She is the creator of  HisSideoftheLookingGlass.com, designed to help women see themselves as God sees  them in an effort to develop confidence for increased personal success.

In her spare time, she embraces her love of reading and photography, and enjoys  life with her husband, Lawrence. She lives in Cypress, TX.
Contact Kristen Clark / 281-795-8890 /  kristen@kristenclark.org

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